About Us

Starting at the age of 5 years old, I always adored animals. I wasn’t that kid who played with Barbies - actually, I never even owned a Barbie doll. My room was filled with stuffed animals! At 5 years old, my best friend and I went door to door collecting donations for the Humane Society of the United States and we collected over $700.
As I got older, I worked with various rescue groups and wrote many letters in hopes to improve the well being of dogs. I’ve always had a deep love and connection with these souls and thought that we as humans need to do right by them.
Today I try to educate people and offer them knowledge that I’ve gained through my own personal experience as well as those from doing animal rescue.
Having a dog that succumbed to cancer opened me up to different diet options. One day my young son innocently asked, “how and why do our dogs eat the same food every day?” Well that got me thinking, my dogs are part of my family and I would do anything for them. They give to me what some humans can’t even come close to. So, I asked myself, “why DO I feed them what I do?”
Linda’s Canine Kitchen came to life because of the opportunity to offer dogs a better life through organic and natural human grade meals. Not machine or processed meals but the same meals you and I eat.
If I could give these beautiful creatures a longer life I would. Giving them real organic, natural home cooked meals gives them what they deserve.